A small glossary, just so we're all on the same page...


Weddingmoon wedding + honeymoon = weddingmoon
Elopement one bride + one groom, no guests at all
Destination Wedding you and all your guests are vacationing here together

RATES:  Garden Wedding  *  Destination Weddingmoon  *  Elopement

Wedding elopement in the Smoky Mountains



$4995  Includes ALL taxes and fees
Up to 50 Wedding Guests
INCLUDES accommodations for up to 12 people
There are ten 8-foot benches that will comfortably seat up to fifty guests. 
More than that turns into 'standing room' and it's no fun for your guests to play musical chairs.

There is a non-refundable $1000 booking fee required to hold your date.  The booking fee will be applied toward your total balance.  Payment in full is due 60 days prior to your wedding date.  Weddings bookings are not refundable.  Payments are accepted via check, cash, or money order.  All policies apply.

Includes both houses the night before the wedding and the night of the wedding.  The first two nights are included in your package.  (Additional nights are available at the following rates:  The Creek House -sleeps 8- is $450/night and the Black Bear Cottage in the Woods -sleeps 4- is $350/night.  At present, NC Sales & Lodging Tax is 11%.)  So, 10 people, plus a sleeper sofa, for a maximum of 12.  This way, you have places for folks to get ready, bathroom facilities for your guests, and a wonderful gathering place for your wedding party.  You can house up to twelve people for two nights, or you can tell them all to get lost and keep the place to yourselves for your wedding night.  :) 

In the main house...  sleeps 6+2
Two king bedrooms,
     each with jacuzzi bath plus shower
One queen bedroom
Queen sleeper sofa in the bonus room
In the small cottage...   sleeps 4
Two queen bedrooms,
     each with jacuzzi bath with shower

For lots of pictures, see and

So.  $4995 (INCLUDING tax) which is pretty amazing for your wedding site, AND lodging (and the silly tax), AND bouquet and boutonniere, AND officiant, AND a website with photos from your wedding day, which you can download, print, share... and you didn't have to rent chairs, didn't have to buy flowers to decorate the chapel, didn't have to rent an arch or buy pew bows or an aisle runner, or hire staff to get everything ready...  And nobody hurries you out because there's another bride coming in an hour...  How about that?  Sounds just like a real wedding should.  (Be sure to ask, while you're shopping around, for the TOTAL price including all taxes, all fees, all 'extra' charges.  You'd be surprised... )

SPECIAL NOTE:  This does NOT include a venue for your rehearsal dinner or reception.  The houses are designed to accommodate a maximum of 8 and 4, respectively.  We highly recommend the following for your rehearsal dinner and wedding supper plans:

Frankie's Italian Trattoria
J. Arthur's Restaurant
The Maggie Valley Inn
The Maggie Valley Country Club
Moonshine Grille

all of these offer private function rooms, excellent food and friendly service

Brigadoon Wedding packages include EXCLUSIVE USE of the Brigadoon Cove property for the entire day of the wedding.  These packages also include your wedding officiant, bride's mixed seasonal bouquet and groom's matching boutonniere, and a website (for 60 days) with photos from your wedding day, including a noncommercial copyright release so you can download, share, print, as much as you like.


Ok, here it is: all that unpleasant-but-necessary "No" stuff, in one paragraph...  No smoking, No sharp-heeled shoes - please tell your guests when you send your invitations!  No children or dogs without their Wranglers.  (Kids and pets are perfectly welcome - we love 'em!  But they do need keepers, care-givers, supervisors or wranglers, for their safety.  Too easy for things to go wrong, fast.  And said keeper cannot be the bride, because she's going to be busy.)  OK. No smoking.  We are in the mountains on the forest floor.  The danger of fire is just too risky to permit smoking, so please inform your smoking friends that they will need to refrain for the duration of your ceremony.  Also, and please tell your guests, no spike-heel shoes... Because of the natural terrain, which is uneven, sloping, stony and unpaved, certain women's shoe styles can present problems.  Flats or walking shoes are certainly the most appropriate attire. Regrettably, it is inadvisable to admit women in 'spiked' heels to the Cove, but they are welcome to stand at the entrance or on the road to witness your wedding.  This is for the safety of all our guests.  Ditto smoking.  (Did we mention No Smoking?)

Clean-up:  We heartily recommend that you assign clean-up duties to one specific person, or you'll find that no one does it!  (Word to the bride: that doesn't mean you.  You're going to be busy.)

Children:  We also ask that you assign one specific person, per child, to be responsible for that child the entire time the child is on the property.  (Word to the bride: that doesn't mean you.  You're going to be busy.  Unless it's your child, of course.  Even so, you'll need someone else to assume that responsibility during the wedding preparation, ceremony, and photo shoot.)

Pets:  You'll need to similarly assign one specific person to manage any dogs, whether they are in the ceremony or not.  (Word to the bride: that doesn't mean you.  All together now: You're going to be busy.)

Only registered overnight guests (max 12) are permitted on the property after 7:00pm.  Thanks for understanding.


If there is a light rain, we do provide white wedding umbrellas for you and your guests.  These umbrellas are generously proportioned at five feet wide, so they give abundant coverage for a couple (or small family!) and the wedding faeries will also be on hand to wipe down each bench and insure that folks have a clean dry place to be seated.  Because the cove is sheltered with towering hardwood trees, it takes a harsh downpour to render it unusable.

In the event of such uncooperative weather, because you have the wedding cove from 3pm the day before the wedding until 11am the day after, you have the flexibility to rearrange your ceremony time.  If you'd rather move your ceremony to your reception site, your Officiant will perform your ceremony there.  Price will remain the same and there are no refunds for inclement weather.

Over the years, we've been presented with this same scenario, each time rain is forecast:  "Where is the indoor room for fifty people?"  So let's just clarify - there's not a secret facility here that magically appears when it rains...  Although you are welcome to arrange for tent rental & staffing.

Because we allow you EXCLUSIVE USE of the property for the day, it is certainly within your discretion to postpone your ceremony until later in the day to take advantage of more pleasant weather.  If your group is small, and you prefer, we can gather in front of the fireplace at the Creek House and have your ceremony there if you like, or outside on the lower gazebo deck.  (The most we've done that with so far was 20, but it worked!)

Wedding reservations are not refundable.
 We do request, because of the time and expense involved, that
 wedding packages are prepaid, by check or money order, 60 days prior to arrival.
 Reservations made within 60 days are payable immediately.

Only 2-10 Wedding Guests?

"Please Plan my Destination Weddingmoon!"
Wedding + Honeymoon = Weddingmoon

A Weddingmoon is simply one week's lodging in The Creek House or The Black Bear Cottage in the Woods, plus the Elopement package - easy!  The 'House' sleeps 8, and the 'Cottage' sleeps 4 - good to know if you want additional overnight guests. 

Or not overnight guests.  :)  That is, you don't actually have to *tell* them that they could stay... You could just invite them for your wedding day and then wave goodbye after dinner!  Totally up to you.

Special Note!  All Destination Weddingmoons ***INCLUDE*** NC Sales & Lodging Tax

Cottage Weddingmoon - includes your wedding plus a week in The Black Bear Cottage in the Woods
and you can bring one or two witnesses!
Ceremonies are performed in Brigadoon Cove (or gazebo porch in inclement weather)
Creek House Weddingmoon - includes your wedding plus a week in The Creek House
and you can bring up to six witnesses!
Ceremonies are performed Streamside (or gazebo porch in inclement weather)

"This is EXACTLY what I want!  But I only want a few days..."
No problem - A 4-night Mini Weddingmoon is $2750 in The Creek House, $2350 in The Cottage

7-10 Wedding Guests?  (That's a bride, a groom, plus up to ten wedding guests -including children)
Sure!  You'll need both houses.  (Sleeps up to 12)
Includes your wedding ceremony in either Brigadoon Cove or at the Creek House, your choice

4- Night Destination Weddingmoon- includes your wedding plus 4 nights in The Creek House & Cottage
Accommodations for up to 12 people, total, including children
additional ceremony guests beyond stated occupancy $100/pp, lodging not provided
Ceremonies are performed in Brigadoon Cove
or at the Creek House streamside, your choice
Week-long Destination Weddingmoon- includes your wedding plus a week in The Creek House & Cottage
Accommodations for up to 12 people, total, including children
additional ceremony guests beyond stated occupancy $100/pp, lodging not provided
Ceremonies are performed in Brigadoon Cove
or at the Creek House streamside, your choice

Special Note!  All Destination Weddingmoons ***INCLUDE*** NC Sales & Lodging Tax

Call to Reserve:  1-828-246-2617 or 1-888-525-4218


Wedding Elopements ~ Just the two of you!

We just want to Elope and have a romantic honeymoon....
"I don't want to think about planning and arrangements - I just want to get married and think about my sweetheart!"
No guests - just the two of us.
Eloping in the Mountains - Wedding for Two
plus lodging


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