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Smoky Mountain Weddings and Elopements at the beautiful
Maggie Valley, North Carolina  Outdoor Wedding Chapel in the Woods

featuring our couple celebrating their anniversary today


Choose your style...

  Wedding Elopement
     ...Just the two of us

Classic Garden Wedding
     ...50 guests for our Wedding Day!




Destination Wedding
     ...with our very best friends

Huffington Post says we are Terrific!

We firmly believe your wedding day should be your wedding day, not your wedding 45 minutes...
So yours is the only wedding on that day.  It's all about You.  :)
You deserve a perfectly pretty place for your wedding day - not just a two hour block - and your guests will appreciate a leisurely day, as well.

A beautiful outdoor setting for a destination wedding or elopement,
the chapel seats up to fifty guests under the tall forest trees
alongside a musical tumbling mountain stream.

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Ranked #1 for Outdoor Mountain Weddings
Timberwolf Creek is
Ranked #1 as Most Romantic Elopements USA
Chosen in 2012 & 2013 as #1 North Carolina Guest Favorite at B&B Finder
Named Best of 2014 by Where to Elope
and by Arrington's Inn Traveler Magazine as Most Romantic Honeymoon & Anniversary
Evergreene Magazine named us Most Romantic Mountain Getaway
...sounds kinda like it's pretty romantic here...

And here is your honeymoon cabin!

An Autumn Wedding - how beautiful!
A word about this next photograph...  You'll see it all over the internet.  It was stolen a couple of years ago by some folks in
Eastern Europe, the copyright notice removed, and then propagated across the world from there.  At first, we tracked each one down,
asked the poster to remove the copyrighted image, proved we were the owners, and some of them complied.  Some did not.
Now, there are hundreds of websites all over the world using this photo.  What you need to know, while planning your wedding, is that

this picture was taken right here, at Timberwolf Creek, in the Brigadoon Cove Outdoor Wedding Chapel.
And it's so incredibly beautiful here that folks all over the world are 'borrowing' our picture.

This picture was taken right here, at Timberwolf Creek, in the Brigadoon Cove Outdoor Wedding Chapel.
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The Bride and Groom asked, "Can our picture be on the wedding website?"
I answered, "Are you kidding?  How about right on the first page!"
...and aren't they fabulous?  I love this picture!


And yes, that is a kilt!


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Let's Elope!
Elopements: Special notice!

Elopements have become remarkably desirable here at Timberwolf Creek.
We truly believe that your special day is Your special day,
and won't perform more than one wedding ceremony on Your wedding day.

You are certainly welcome to make your wedding reservation online!  That instantly reserves the date just for you.
  Just make your reservation here.

American Elopements
Coming from England, Ireland, anywhere in the UK (United Kingdom)?
Coming from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, anywhere in Europe?
Coming from Japan?  Anywhere in Asia?
Yes, you can get married in the USA.
Eloping to the United States is simple, romantic, and beautiful.
Bring your friends, your closest family, or just the two of you.
We can help you elope in America.

We have found that these three different packages are the most popular arrangements for wedding couples.
Some want a
Wedding Elopement -just the two of you- to make a romantic and intensely personal memory...
Some want to bring a handful of their closest loved ones to share in their ceremony, and they want it to last longer
than just a day, so they make it a vacation to remember with a
Destination Wedding and share the entire week
honoring their close ties, celebrating and exploring the Smokies together...
 And some want a traditional wedding day, outdoors in nature's glory,
with dozens of friends and family all gathered under the sky in an
outdoor mountain wedding chapel for a
Classic Garden Wedding...

A Perfect Wedding Day


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Eloping in the Mountains

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Mountain Elopement in North Carolina

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